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An HO scale model railway in St. Jacobs, Ontario

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Panoramic view of the St. Jacobs Junction railway

APRIL, 2005

We finished as much as we could in time for the Doubleheader Layout Tour in April, 2005. We managed to get three trains running with basic DCC...nothing fancy. The basic benchwork is done, and we were able to integrate the "Baden" Diorama and the "Frey's Garage" diorama into the scenery. Approximately 8 X 8 feet at the Baden end of the layout looks reasonably finished. St Jacobs and Shantz Junction, the other two towns,  are still just bare plywood with some half-done buildings. All in all, though, it's starting to feel like an actual PLACE!

Greg Shinnie's scratchbuilt Queen Anne style house in Baden An aerial view of Baden. The road in the middle separates the original diorama (on the left) from the rest of the layout. Another aerial view - Snider's Road, the main street of  Baden A Grand Trunk Train arrives at Baden Station.
A wider view, Note the friendly game of  Horseshoes being played in the foreground. Horse and buggies are still seen around here. Charlie's Indian Sales and Service. There really was a Charlie who was well known as a source of Indian parts and service in Campbelford, Ontario....long after the bikes were out of production. The main drag. Very quiet! A farmer comes into town in his model T pickup.
Outdoor facilities being used by some Edwardian ladies at the Trauin Station. On the other side of the street sits the haunted House. Every town should have one! Another view. A close up of our Horseshoe players
A panoramic scene, You can see unfished portions up the track. A ten-wheeler steams past Frey's Garage & Wilker's general Store. Waiting for a Train The White House
Dan Kirlin making trains run on tour day. Actual, un re-touched photo of trains running! Viewers on tour day Same.
CN 5700 Hudson storms by. Same train at Frey's Garage...a good train watching spot.