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An HO scale model railway in St. Jacobs, Ontario

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Modelling Reference

This page is intended as a repository of prototype photos to be used as reference for modelling buildings and locations in St. Jacobs. The quality in some cases is not the best, many of these photos were taken strictly for reference for paintings and drawings I did many years ago. Some were scanned from other sources.  -Lance

The St Jacobs Country Mill -The present structure was built around 1930 to replace the previous one that had burned. Today it houses many shops and, of course, our railroad. we are modelling itas it was  in the thirties
The Blacksmith shop - a century old building, being modelled as it was in the eighties when it was run by Jon B. Martin
The O.J. Smith Shoe Factory - Now housing antique shops, this was once an important industry in the village
The Steiner House a heritage home, now a shop....built in the mid-eighteen of the oldest buildings in town
Good's Garage - a family business for most of the last century. For many years they have serviced the huge fleet of trucks for the HOME HARDWARE chain. Recently, they have moved and the buildings are all torn down.
Schaner Coal Yards -every town once had a business like this...a coal and fuel dealer. Being right by the tracks, they HAD to be modelled!
The Dominion Hotel - built in the 1800's, a favourite watering spot until the eighties when it was restored and became BENJAMIN'S RESTAURANT & INN
E.W.B. Snider Residence - now a bed & breakfast, once the stately home of E.W.B. Snider, the owner of the Mill.
W and A Snyder Merchants - this building has housed a variety of shops from the middle of the eighteen hundreds until today.
Mennonite Farms - various local farms will be represented on our layout. After all, that's what  Waterloo County is famous for! We plan barn-raising, threshing, plowing, and other farming scenes.
The Schoolhouse  looks like a church with its Gothic windows, but it never was. Today it is a theatre.
St Jacobs train Station - built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1891, it is on a spur terminating in Elmira. Passenger service ended in the 1930's but it will live on in our layout. The line still exists today. A few years ago there was a tourist train running on it. Now only very rare freights use it.
Other Buildings

The Lutheran Church, The Philip Mayer Liquor Store (Circa 1900 - now part of the Home Hardware building, and the railway trestle