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An HO scale model railway in St. Jacobs, Ontario

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the Making of a River

The Conestogo River on the St Jacobs Junction Railway Layout

The bare plywood benchwork....hard to believe that this will be our river valley! The first stage....stapling and hotglueing aluminum window screening to form the contours of the landscape Screening the river valley We used DURABOND 90 two part plaster for covering the screen. It remains workable for at least 90 minutes, then dries hard as rock. More plastering. Normally, I like using blue or pink styrofoam, but that wasn't an option for a public layout due to fire hazard concerns.
  The river area is now landscaped so I airbrushed colour on the riverbed to show through. First, I experimented with just brushing on a clear acrylic coat over the painted bottom. It didn't look right, so I scraped it out and re-did it with Envirotex two part epoxy resin, I followed the directions exactly and loved the results! Overview. The waterfalls were done with clear Silicon caulking squeezed over clear plastic wrap that I had previously glued over the brink. Some of the varied foliage along the river. Don Stewart started out as the carpenter for this project. he got bitten by the landscaping bug and now makes some of the best trees I have seen. He did most of the foliage along the river using everything from lichens to tomato vines.